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Frequently asked questions: A Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

This short FAQ explains what we're calling for and how it could make a difference to human rights and environmental justice.

Debating mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation: A Reality Check

This document aims to counter flawed or inaccurate claims regarding the introduction of mandatory due diligence legislation with liability for companies - and to prevent them from dominating the public and political debate.

Evidence for mandatory HRDD legislation

In the past years, several European countries, as well as the EU, have adopted or started to consider legislation that embeds elements of Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) into law.

Submission to Consultation on a Single Enforcement Body for employment rights

CJC, Amnesty International UK, Anti-Slavery International, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Christian Aid, FLEX, Traidcraft Exchange and UNISON have submitted a joint response to the Government’s consultation on establishing a new Single Enforcement Body for employment rights. We focus primarily on section 4.4., “supply chains”.