Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse

What we do

We bring together groups working to change the rules in order to protect rights, ensure corporations are transparent and accountable, and that people and communities who suffer from corporate abuses have access to justice.

El Cerrejon coal mine (Contreras)

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The power and wealth of corporations has grown massively in recent decades – but this hasn’t been matched by rules to ensure corporate accountability. Instead of failed voluntary initiatives we need legal liability for abuses of human rights and the environment.


People and communities affected by corporate abuses of their rights or environment must be able to access justice to remedy the harms they’ve suffered. When British companies are responsible for abuses, it’s vital that affected people and communities can access justice in the UK.

Justice statue
Human rights defenders, El Salvador.


Corporations now make up 69 of the world’s 100 biggest economic entities and 80% of world trade takes place within corporate ‘global value chains’. But as corporate power has grown, so too has corporate impunity and corporate capture of rule-making. We want to rebalance the relationship between states, societies and corporations.

How we do it

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We raise awareness of the urgent need to change the rules to build a fairer, greener world. We want more people to know about and understand the need for corporate justice – so they can act now for change.


We lobby decision makers for solutions that will bring about greater corporate accountability and access to justice. Our advocacy includes working with parliamentarians, the government and civil servants, and overseas decision makers including at the United Nations.

Climate change protest

Build our movement

Together we are stronger – and it is only by coming together to demand change that we can build a fairer, greener world. We build our movement so that more organisations and individuals can join our call for the protection of human rights and the environment from corporate abuse.

More about us

Our campaigns

Credit: Archdiocese of Belo HorizonteFind out what we’ve been working on, and how you can get involved.

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Act now

Be part of the movement calling for a fairer world that protects people and the environment from corporate abuse.

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