Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse

Corporate governance

We are calling for a long overdue reform of UK corporate governance – the rules, practices and processes that outline how a company operates and is controlled. We want to see strong legal requirements for companies to be accountable to workers, communities and the environment, in place of the outdated duty to only maximise profits for shareholders.

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Corporate governance reform: what prospects under the new Government?

In their election manifesto, the Conservative Party committed to strengthening the UK’s corporate governance regime. We explore what’s happened to date and look at recent proposals for corporate governance reform.

The Future of the Corporation Programme and Business and Human Rights

In this blog, Dr, Dalia Palombo explains what the 'Future of the Corporation' Programme has in common with business and human rights, including mandatory human rights due diligence.

Workers pay the price for rising shareholder profits

For the last few days, the members of the most exclusive club in the world, the G7, have been meeting by the seaside. Supposedly, top of the agenda was fighting inequality - but research concludes that the policies G7 members are pursuing are making it a whole lot worse, writes Alex Maitland of Oxfam.