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We come together to end corporate abuses of human rights and the environment – to change the rules so that we can build a fairer, greener world.


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Our partners are charities, trade unions and legal experts who want to protect human rights and the environment from corporate abuse.

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A Corporate Duty to Prevent Negative Human Rights and Environmental Impacts

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To tackle deforestation, human rights must be protected

Corporate Justice Coalition is calling for the UK Government’s proposed law on corporate due diligence for forest-risk commodities to require businesses to undertake combined environmental and human rights due diligence – given the inextricable links between human rights and much deforestation.

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We used to be the CORE Coalition…

And now we are the Corporate Justice Coalition.

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Call for a fairer world that protects people and the environment from corporate abuse.

Call for laws that put people and planet before profits

There is a growing, global movement for governments to pass mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation, and it needs more power. If successful, companies and governments would be held accountable for failing to prevent all human rights violations.

Urge the McDonald’s UK CEO to respect the McStrikers’ union

Call on McDonald’s CEO, Paul Pomroy, to recognise the McStrikers’ union, the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU). McDonald’s workers made history in 2017 when they went on strike for the first time in the UK. They are winning their fight. In 2018, McDonald’s gave their workers the largest pay rise in a decade, but they still won’t recognise the workers’ union.