Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse

Our campaigns

Our campaigning work spans different issues all related to the achievement of corporate justice – from calling for corporate accountability laws, to access to justice for victims of corporate abuse. In each of our campaigns our aim is the same: changing the rules so that we can build a fairer, greener world.

Access to justice

We work to ensure that people and communities who suffer from corporate abuses of human rights and the environment can access justice - whether through courts or complaint mechanisms.

Modern Slavery Act

We campaigned for the introduction of the 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act’s Transparency in Supply Chains (TISC) clause - a vital step forward in UK and global policy-making on corporate accountability.

Corporate governance

We are calling for a long overdue reform of UK corporate governance - the rules, practices and processes that outline how a company operates and is controlled.

A Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

In 2019 we joined our partner organisations in calling for a UK 'Failure to Prevent' law, requiring companies to undertake ‘human rights and environmental due diligence’.