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Environment Bill

Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister on World Amazon Day 2021

A coalition of NGOs, Indigenous Peoples’ groups, scientists and academics is urging the Prime Minister to act on tropical deforestation and human rights abuses. In Brazil, the Congress is currently considering new legislation that would legalise illegal land grabbing in the Amazon. Such destruction of the Amazon has dire implications for the Amazon’s Indigenous peoples...

Joint NGO Briefing: Due Diligence in Schedule 16 of the UK Environment Bill

Schedule 16 in the UK’s Environment Bill seeks to tackle the UK’s contribution to global deforestation. The proposal establishes a legal framework to address the environmental footprint of the UK’s consumption of forest risk commodities by placing a due diligence requirement on companies. Given the prevalence of human rights impacts and risks associated with forest...

Briefing on the Environment Bill – amendment NC5 on due diligence legislation

We urge the Bill committee to accept the vital Environment Bill amendment NC5, tabled by Kerry McCarthy MP: “Environmental and human rights due diligence: duty to publish draft legislation.

CORE and Partners’ Submission to JCHR Consultation on the Environment Bill

This submission relates to proposed new clause (NC5) in the Environment Bill: “Environmental and human rights due diligence: duty to publish draft legislation.”