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Environment Bill

Joint NGO Briefing: Due Diligence in Schedule 16 of the UK Environment Bill

Schedule 16 in the UK’s Environment Bill seeks to tackle the UK’s contribution to global deforestation. The proposal establishes a legal framework to address the environmental footprint of the UK’s consumption of forest risk commodities by placing a due diligence requirement on companies. Given the prevalence of human rights impacts and risks associated with forest...

Briefing on the Environment Bill – amendment NC5 on due diligence legislation

We urge the Bill committee to accept the vital Environment Bill amendment NC5, tabled by Kerry McCarthy MP: “Environmental and human rights due diligence: duty to publish draft legislation.

CORE and Partners’ Submission to JCHR Consultation on the Environment Bill

This submission relates to proposed new clause (NC5) in the Environment Bill: “Environmental and human rights due diligence: duty to publish draft legislation.”