Access to Justice remains elusive in the EU

by Frank Bold
The European Day of Justice was celebrated on 25 October. The day is dedicated to bringing justice closer to all European citizens, by informing citizens about the access to justice they are entitled to in other European countries, which should be similar to the access they have in their own country. In short, the day aims to educate Europeans about their right to have access to civil justice across borders. At the same time, the EU has made little to no effort to ensure that people outside of the EU are able to access justice in the EU where they are affected by the actions of EU corporations.

A conference hosted at EU Parliament on 12 November will present the results of the expert report “The Third Pillar: Access to Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations by Transnational Business” and engage participants in a discussion of the potential solutions to improve access to justice in the EU for business-related abuses of human rights and the environment.

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