Conservative Party Manifesto 2015: key points on corporate accountability

The full pdf document is available here. Key points:


In order to ensure that new pay structures for bankers rebuild trust and reduce short-termism, we will ensure that Britain continues to have the toughest regime of bonus deferral and clawback of any financial centre.
We will require companies with more than 250 employees to publish the difference between the average pay of their male and female employees.
We will continue to encourage businesses and other organisations to pay the Living Wage whenever they can afford it. We will also take further steps to eradicate abuses of workers, such as non-payment of the Minimum Wage, exclusivity in zero-hours contracts and exploitation of migrant workers.


We will lead international efforts to ensure global companies pay their fair share in tax.

We will push for all countries to sign up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; review the implementation of the new international country-by-country tax reporting rules and consider the case for making this information publicly available on a multilateral basis.
We will ensure developing countries have full access to global automatic tax information exchange systems and continue to build the capacity of tax authorities in developing countries.
We are also making it a crime if companies fail to put in place measures to stop economic crime, such as tax evasion, in their organisations and making sure that the penalties are large enough to punish and deter.


We will cut a further £10 billion of red tape over the next Parliament through our Red Tape Challenge and our One-In-Two-Out rule.
We want to ensure that new rules target unscrupulous behaviour in the financial services industry, while safeguarding Britain as a global centre of excellence in finance. So we will resist EU attempts to restrict legitimate financial services activities.

Supplier terms

We will establish a new Small Business Conciliation service to mediate in disputes, especially over late payment
We will champion our new Groceries Code Adjudicator, so farmers receive a fair deal from the supermarkets

International trade and development

We will push for freer global trade, concluding major trade deals with the US, India and Japan and reinvigorating the World Trade Organisation.
As the route out of poverty is about much more than just aid, we will boost growth and jobs, making it easier for people to start-up businesses and trade freely with each other

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