Letter to Jenny Willott MP: Supply Chain Transparency (May 2014)

As part of our ongoing work around corporate transparency, we wrote to Jenny Willott MP, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, to request a meeting to discuss progress on supply chain transparency.

BIS has put a good deal of effort and resources into reform of non-financial reporting, corporate governance and supply chain transparency. It is particularly encouraging to hear that government is considering further steps to enable UK businesses to engage with their global supply chains, address human rights issues and report effectively on the relevant actions they are taking.

However, strong leadership from within the cabinet is necessary to navigate these complex issues and keep the government on track to deliver successful outcomes.

Issues discussed in the letter:

  • Modern Slavery Bill
  • Transposition of the EU reforms on non-financial reporting and
  • The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) new guidance on the Companies Act 2006

Signatories: ActionAid, Amnesty International, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Save the Children, SCIAF, Share Action, Traidcraft, TUC and WWF.

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