Modern Slavery Bill: Ensuring Transparency in Supply Chains

Slavery can be lucrative, and not just for human traffickers. Many companies benefit, whether knowingly or unknowingly, from cheap labour in their supply chains.

Parliament is discussing a Modern Slavery Bill that the government says will hold big business to account to keep supply chains slavery free.


However the bill the government proposes:

  • Doesn’t do enough to address the causes of slave labour in the UK and around the world.
  • Does not tackle unregistered foreign companies that operate in the UK.
  • Is lacking in details and risks being only a tick box exercise.

For this bill to be effective it must ensure:

  1. All big companies operating in the UK have to report on what they’re doing to tackle slavery within their supply chains.
  2. The reporting is effective, based on robust principles and evidence-based criteria, not just empty aspirational statements.”

These changes would mean all big businesses operating in the UK will have to put energy and resources into finding out if there’s slavery in their supply chains and consider actions to stop it: an important step in the fight against global slavery.


You can help improve the bill by calling David Cameron and your MP to ensure that this bill effectively tackles big business’ role in modern slavery.

  • Many MPs already support these changes.
  • Campaigning made the government introduce an amendment to tackle business’ role, now campaigning can make sure it’s effective!
  • The slave trade was ended by millions of people like you taking action.
  • Taking action today can help ensure we move towards ending all modern forms of slavery.


Killer Facts:

An estimated 21 million people in the world today are victims of forced labour

  • The majority of them are in private sector activities.

Forced labour and slavery is big business: The International Labour Organisation estimates the illicit profit at US$150 billion a year.


David Cameron has previously said he wants the UK to “lead the world in eradicating modern-day slavery”.


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