Plaid Cymru manifesto 2017: key positions on corporate accountability

Business and pay 

Plaid Cymru will put an end to the unfair business rates system, by moving towards a turnover-based system. We will ensure there is a properly funded Welsh Development Bank to invest in Welsh businesses.
Plaid Cymru will fight to ensure that £4.3 billion in public sector contracts are spent in Wales and we will introduce a real, independently verified, Living Wage.
[We] will push for targeted tax discounts for new and existing businesses in Wales as a central part of the new UK Regional Policy.


Plaid Cymru will introduce a new Climate Change Act, adopting ambitious but achievable greenhouse gas and pollution reduction targets for 2030 and 2050. We will ensure that we build upon the standards set by the EU which have protected our environment.

Human rights

We will publish a human rights charter for Wales to defend Welsh people against the backdrop of a Tory government intent on undermining the Human Rights Act.


We will fight to get the best possible Brexit deal for Welsh industry and agriculture.
Wales must have an equal say when decisions are made which have major implications for devolved functions. All future free trade deals, for instance, must be endorsed by the National Assembly for Wales.

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