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Laying the Track: The Race to Zero – The role of investors in addressing the just transition

Shareaction’s new COP26 briefing sets out how investors are addressing the just transition. The investment sector is at the very beginning of getting to grips with one of the of most significant challenges of our time: how to transition to a low-carbon economy while respecting and protecting the rights and interests of workers, communities, consumers...

What does 2019 hold for corporate accountability?

50 people from NGOs, academia and law firms gathered at The Foundry in London on Wednesday 13th February for CORE’s annual partners' meeting. Below is a brief summary of the very wide-ranging expert presentations given on the day.

UN Forum on Business and Human Rights: rhetoric or responsibility?

CORE Policy and Communications Officer, Louise Eldridge, attended the 2018 UN Forum for Business and Human Rights in Geneva. Here are some impressions from a Forum ‘newbie’.

SNP Manifesto 2017: key positions on corporate accountability

The SNP supports the creation of a robust regulatory framework to ensure that the UK economy is not vulnerable to a re-run of the 2008 financial crisis. The SNP will support measures including the reinstatement of the reverse burden of proof which, before being removed by the Tories, required senior bank managers to demonstrate they had done the right thing where wrongdoing had emerged on their watch.

Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto 2017: key positions on corporate accountability

The Liberal Democrats’ 2017 Manifesto makes similar commitments to those pledged in 2015. These include: reforming laws to extend company reporting to ethical practices, environmental, worker and community protections; tackling tax avoidance and utilising public procurement to promote best business practice. New pledges focus on keeping the UK in the single market, strengthening worker input into company...

Plaid Cymru manifesto 2017: key positions on corporate accountability

Plaid Cymru will put an end to the unfair business rates system, by moving towards a turnover-based system. We will ensure there is a properly funded Welsh Development Bank to invest in Welsh businesses.

Climate change and modern slavery: a vicious circle

Anti-Slavery International's new report, From a Vicious to a Virtuous Circle, looks closely at the link between climate change and modern slavery, demonstrating that climate change and modern slavery are serious challenges that need to be tackled together.