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Companies Act

Modern Slavery Bill: Submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

Submission to the Joint Committee on the draft Modern Slavery Bill, recommending that a transparency in supply chains provision is included in the Bill.

Submission to the Joint Committee on the draft Modern Slavery bill

CORE welcomes the draft Bill which presents an important opportunity to introduce much-needed legislative measures as a necessary first step to improving corporate transparency and accountability for the most serious labour rights violations in the supply chain.    

Submission to ‘Transparency and trust: enhancing the transparency of UK company ownership and increasing trust in UK business’ (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

This briefing by CORE and the Environmental Law Service relates to the UK government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skill’s Company Ownership Transparency and Trust Discussion Paper, Q.39: The merits of strengthening responsibilities of banking directors by amending the directors’ duties in CA06 to create a primary duty to promote financial stability over the interests...

Make UK Business Work for People and Planet

This report gives an outline of the changes to the Company Act that CORE and Trade Justice Movement had called for.