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Corporate Justice Coalition Welcomes New Director Eleanor Rosenbach

The Corporate Justice Coalition (CJC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Eleanor Rosenbach as its new Director, effective from May 7th, 2024. In her role as Director, Eleanor will lead the CJC in its mission to create a world where corporate impunity for abuses of human rights and environmental harm is a thing of...

Press release: Four in five UK adults support new laws to tackle environmental harm and human rights abuses in company supply chains

LONDON | New research shows that four in five adults in the UK support new laws requiring companies to prevent serious environmental harm and human rights abuses in their operations or supply chains. The survey of 2,124 UK adults by the polling company YouGov, released today (17 April) by the Corporate Justice Coalition and Friends...

Press Release: YouGov poll shows 4 in 5 of the British public want law to prevent business human rights and environmental harm – businesses and investors agree

(Polling results attached in full below) • According to a new YouGov poll, 87% of the British public support new laws to prevent businesses from exploiting people in their supply chains; 83% of the British public support new laws that would force companies to ensure their supply chains do no avoidable damage to the environment....

Deforestation law welcome, but government must go further

The CORE Coalition welcomes the government’s announcement that it will require UK companies to carry out due diligence on their supply chains - but the government must impose due diligence with legal liability for companies across all human rights and environmental harms.

Vedanta Resources and subsidiary to face justice the UK over human rights harms in Zambia

Today, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and the CORE Coalition welcomed the decision of the United Kingdom Supreme Court to allow a complaint to proceed against Vedanta Resources Plc and its Zambian subsidiary Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), alleging serious harm from extraction activities in Zambia. Read the full press release here.

Ahead of Supreme Court ruling in human rights case against mining company, UK NGOs and unions call for new law to curb multinationals’ global abuses

On the day that the UK Supreme Court rules on whether 1,800 Zambian villages can continue their claim against mining giant Vedanta, more than 20 organisations launch call for legal reform to make UK multinationals accountable for human rights abuses and environmental damage linked to their global operations and supply chains. Read the full press...

Companies failing to report meaningful information about their impacts on society and the environment

The Alliance for Corporate Transparency project has analysed how European companies disclose information necessary for understanding their impact on society and the environment, as required by the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive. the report finds that on the whole, companies are failing to report meaningful information. Read the press release >>

UK multinationals must respect human rights globally, UK Supreme Court is told

The UK Supreme Court is to hear an appeal on 15 and 16 January 2019 from mining giant Vedanta Resources, in a case brought by 2,000 Zambian villagers who claim that their water and land have been poisoned by the firm’s operations. The Court will consider evidence from the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and CORE...