Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse

Corporate governance

Corporate governance reform: what prospects under the new Government?

In their election manifesto, the Conservative Party committed to strengthening the UK’s corporate governance regime. We explore what’s happened to date and look at recent proposals for corporate governance reform.

The Future of the Corporation Programme and Business and Human Rights

In this blog, Dr, Dalia Palombo explains what the 'Future of the Corporation' Programme has in common with business and human rights, including mandatory human rights due diligence.

Social enterprise versus anti-social enterprise?

It is pretty clear that if we are to change society for the better and to tackle the climate emergency we need to challenge much more radically what it means to be a business, writes Lucy Findlay MBE, founding Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark CIC, the international social enterprise accreditation authority.

Workers pay the price for rising shareholder profits

For the last few days, the members of the most exclusive club in the world, the G7, have been meeting by the seaside. Supposedly, top of the agenda was fighting inequality - but research concludes that the policies G7 members are pursuing are making it a whole lot worse, writes Alex Maitland of Oxfam.

Reforming corporate “purpose”: is it enough?

The protection of human rights and the environment from corporate abuse is a serious challenge in the 21st century. But will redefining the “purpose” of corporations ensure that their actions align with the interest of people and planet?

Pay Ratios On Their Own Are Not Enough

On 11 June 2018, the Government tabled new reporting requirements for large companies. Companies will now have to publish the ratio between their CEO pay and the pay of their average worker. The new law also requires directors to report on how they have had regard to the interests of other stakeholders, including employees and...

Mind the Corporate Transparency Gap

The Home Secretary says there are ‘no excuses’ for businesses not to meet the gender pay gap reporting deadline. It’s time for Government to send the same message on modern slavery. Today all private sector companies with 250 or more employees must have published details of their gender pay gap. Last week the deadline passed...

Government Consultation Not Addressing Need for Fundamental Corporate Governance Reforms

Sanctions for asset stripping and individual director accountability for presiding over corporate failures are long overdue. But too many company boards continue to prioritise short-term profit over long-term value creation. A positive obligation on directors to take steps to prevent serious impacts on employees, suppliers, customers, the community and the environment would change this. An...