Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse

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Parliamentary Briefing: A UK ‘Business, Human Rights and Environment Act’

This briefing for MPs and Peers outlines the urgent need for a new law to hold companies to account when they fail to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harms.

We need a new law to root out corporate supply chain abuses — wherever they take place

A new law mirroring existing provisions in the UK Bribery Act, could hold companies accountable if they “fail to prevent” a wide range of harmful human rights or environmental impacts — not just forced labour — wherever they occur. 

Frequently asked questions: A Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

This short FAQ explains what we're calling for and how it could make a difference to human rights and environmental justice.

A new law to prevent abuse: campaign statement

CORE and more than 20 partner organisations call for a new law to require companies and investors to take action to prevent human rights abuses, worker exploitation and environmental harm in their global operations and and supply chains.