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Laying the Track: The Race to Zero – The role of investors in addressing the just transition

Shareaction’s new COP26 briefing sets out how investors are addressing the just transition. The investment sector is at the very beginning of getting to grips with one of the of most significant challenges of our time: how to transition to a low-carbon economy while respecting and protecting the rights and interests of workers, communities, consumers...

Why investor engagement is crucial to the fight against modern slavery

Blog by Patricia Carrier from the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre Modern slavery is pervasive across corporate supply chains in all regions of the world, generating approximately $150bn a year in illegal profits. Sectors that are vulnerable include: agriculture, apparel & footwear, construction, food & beverage, manufacturing and mining. It is more likely than not...

SNP Manifesto 2017: key positions on corporate accountability

The SNP supports the creation of a robust regulatory framework to ensure that the UK economy is not vulnerable to a re-run of the 2008 financial crisis. The SNP will support measures including the reinstatement of the reverse burden of proof which, before being removed by the Tories, required senior bank managers to demonstrate they had done the right thing where wrongdoing had emerged on their watch.

CORE Response to The Non-Financial Reporting Directive consultation

A response to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills consultation on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive: A call for views on effective reporting alongside proposals to implement EU requirements. Download the report >>

A Pattern of Abuse