CORE’s strategic review: key findings and Board response

In mid-2015, CORE carried out a strategic review to enable staff, board and coalition partners to understand the current state of play for the organisation and inform internal discussions of how CORE could and should develop over the next five years.
The CORE Board has issued a formal response to the review which you can read here.
The review sought views from a wide range of stakeholders on the following areas:

  • Impact and benefits of its work, focusing particularly on the last three years
  • CORE’s position and purpose
  • Structure, including governance, management and membership issues
  • Organisational strengths, challenges and risks
  • Future challenges, both external and internal
  • Suggestions for future work

Key findings from the review were that:

  • Civil society stakeholders appreciate the way CORE brings information, balance and rigour into discussions and co-ordinates groups with diverse interests, viewpoints and activities.
  • Coalition partners reported a range of benefits deriving from their association with CORE.
  • CORE enables both large and small organisations to participate more effectively in the corporate accountability arena and several NGOs confirmed that CORE is central to their internal organisational strategy in taking forward work in this area.
  • Policy makers report CORE’s reputation as being extremely good and are impressed with the quality and thoroughness of CORE’s submissions.
  • CORE enables a co-ordination of efforts and this is greatly welcomed by policy makers as a way of ensuring that NGO input is targeted in the most effective way possible.
  • CORE has helped shape the policy context for corporate accountability work.
  • CORE provides a focus and ‘institutional memory’ for the NGO sector.

The strategic review also looked at issues relating to CORE’s positioning, reputation, structure, governance and membership, and identified key future priorities for CORE.
The full report is available here.

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