Human Rights Organisations Call on Liam Fox to Stop Export of Surveillance Equipment to Honduras

CORE and more than twenty other human rights organisations have written to Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox to stop the export of surveillance equipment to Honduras.

The UK Government has sanctioned the sale of telecommunications interception equipment to the Honduran Government despite the well-documented accounts of state-led human rights abuses.

The Guardian revealed that the UK had granted export licenses for the equipment just before the Honduran elections in February.

Human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and Global Witness, have documented the extensive use of surveillance, intimidation and assassinations against human rights defenders and environmental groups in Honduras.

Despite the consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria requiring Governments to take into account the nature of the equipment sold when exporting to countries where serious human rights violations have been established, the UK Government has continued to sanction the export of the surveillance equipment.

Read the letter here ┬╗

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