UK NGOs and unions call for new law to curb multinationals’ global abuses

Today, the UK Supreme Court has allowed 1,800 Zambian villagers to continue their claim against mining giant Vedanta Resources Plc and its Zambian subsidiary Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), following serious harm from extraction activities in Zambia.

The case is a great result for the claimants. It’s also a reminder of how victims of corporate abuse face lengthy struggles to access justice and hold companies to account. There is an urgent need for legislation to require companies to take action to prevent human rights abuses, and to make it easier to hold them to account when they fail to do so.

On the day of this historic judgement, CORE and more than 20 organisations are launching a call for legal reform to make UK multinationals accountable for human rights abuses and environmental damage.

We are calling for an effective law to require companies and investors to take action to prevent human rights abuses, worker exploitation and environmental harm in their global operations, activities, products, services, investments and supply chains.

Read the full campaign statement here.

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