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human rights and environmental due diligence

Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister on World Amazon Day 2021

A coalition of NGOs, Indigenous Peoples’ groups, scientists and academics is urging the Prime Minister to act on tropical deforestation and human rights abuses. In Brazil, the Congress is currently considering new legislation that would legalise illegal land grabbing in the Amazon. Such destruction of the Amazon has dire implications for the Amazon’s Indigenous peoples...

Making Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Work for Homeworkers

New Briefing from Homeworkers Worldwide UK discusses how the situation of precarious women workers such as homeworkers is carefully considered by policy makers when translating human rights due diligence into law. This includes some of the risks that such legislation could create and consideration of how best to ensure its impact is positive.

EU law. Global impact. labour exploitation and forced labour.

A new briefing and report from Anti-Slavery International, Cividep India and Repórter Brasil considers the potential impact of human rights due diligence laws in the EU on labour exploitation and forced labour. The European Commission will soon publish a proposal for an EU business and human rights law that would require companies operating in the...

Demanding accountability: Strengthening corporate accountability and supply chain due diligence to protect human rights and safeguard the environment

Household names including Nestlé, PepsiCo, Wilmar and Unilever and associated global financial institutions and investors continue to ‘turn a blind eye’ to human rights abuses in their palm oil supply chains, finds a new report compiled by TuK INDONESIA, PUSAKA, Walhi, and Forest Peoples Programme. The report highlights systemic social and environmental problems that continue...

Stepping up: Protecting collective land rights through corporate due diligence

New human rights due diligence legislation and practices should result in positive human rights outcomes for all rightsholders. To assist policymakers and businesses in understanding key elements of effective due diligence on collective land rights, FPP has published a new guide – Stepping Up: Protecting collective land rights through corporate due diligence. The guide incorporates lessons learned from decades of experience...

L7 to the G7: the need for mandatory due diligence in a post-pandemic world. Guest Blog.

Stephen Russell, International Policy Officer for Business and Human Rights at the TUC, draws from the recently published L7 statement to the G7 to highlight the call that mandatory due diligence obligations on multinational companies are an essential aspect of “building back fairer”. Trade unions have released their statement ahead of the G7 summit (11-13...

Frequently asked questions: A Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

This short FAQ explains what we're calling for and how it could make a difference to human rights and environmental justice.

Debating mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation: A Reality Check

This document aims to counter flawed or inaccurate claims regarding the introduction of mandatory due diligence legislation with liability for companies - and to prevent them from dominating the public and political debate.