Stepping up: Protecting collective land rights through corporate due diligence

New human rights due diligence legislation and practices should result in positive human rights outcomes for all rightsholders. To assist policymakers and businesses in understanding key elements of effective due diligence on collective land rights, FPP has published a new guide – Stepping Up: Protecting collective land rights through corporate due diligence.

The guide incorporates lessons learned from decades of experience working alongside indigenous communities affected by business activities throughout the tropical forest belt. It provides resources, recommendations, and practical tools that aim to ensure human rights due diligence is effective at addressing negative impacts on indigenous peoples.

A few examples of information provided by the guide are:

Discussion of how due diligence obligations and legal liabilities can change over time

  • Recommendations for how to identify violations of indigenous peoples’ rights, as well as specific sources of information that may be helpful
  • Red flags to look out for that may indicate failed or improper FPIC processes
  • Hypotheticals to walk through steps businesses should consider taking to address common violations of indigenous peoples’ rights
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