Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse


Bridging the gap: How could a UK Business, Human Rights and Environment Act have made a difference?

This report documents how well-known UK companies, financial institutions and public bodies have been and continue to be connected to human rights abuses, worker exploitation and environmental harm at home and abroad. These abuses are happening via the companies’ own operations, products and services, and across their global value chains. Access to justice for those...

Law Commission: Corporate Criminal Liability

The Law Commission has published an options paper for the Government on how it can improve the law to ensure that corporations are effectively held to account for committing serious crimes. You can read the summary of the opitions paper here. 

Debating mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation: A Reality Check

This document aims to counter flawed or inaccurate claims regarding the introduction of mandatory due diligence legislation with liability for companies - and to prevent them from dominating the public and political debate.

Alliance for Corporate Transparency: 2019 Research Report

The Alliance for Corporate Transparency project has published its '2019 Research Report' analysing the sustainability reports of 1000 companies pursuant to the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive.

Who made our uniforms? U.K. Public Sector Apparel Procurement: Ensuring Transparency and Respect for Human Rights

This report by CORE and ICAR reveals that that a third of companies that have supplied uniforms for UK public sector workers, including the armed forces and prison officers, have not reported on what they are doing to tackle slavery in their supply chains.

Risk Averse: Company Reporting on raw material and sector-specific risks under the Transparency in Supply Chains clause in the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

We examine statements from 25 businesses who source raw materials and commodities associated with a heightened risk of modern slavery and 25 operating in sectors known to be at heightened risk of labour rights abuses.

Legal implications of the UK Referendum on EU membership for corporate accountability work in the UK

This paper by Deborah Doane and Dr. Jennifer Zerk sets out the findings of research commissioned by CORE to consider the legal implications of Brexit for corporate accountability work in the UK. There are an estimated 13,000 pieces of regulation that will be impacted by Brexit. While not all of these are relevant to corporate...