Protecting Rights. Ending Corporate Abuse


CORE 2018 Annual Partner Meeting at The Foundry

On the 15th February CORE held its 2018 Annual Partner Meeting, bringing together partner organisations, NGOs, academics and government officials to discuss corporate accountability issues and strategies for the year ahead. Much of the day was devoted to panel discussions on different topics, allowing attendees to find out more about what other organisations are doing...

Mapping Human Rights Risks for 2017

Global risk analyst Verisk Maplecroft has published its annual Human Rights Outlook report, outlining ten human rights risks impacting business in 2017. Verisk notes that modern slavery risks are set to increase as the United States toughens its immigration policy, pushing countless undocumented migrants further underground and exposing them to greater exploitation.

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Podcast: holding companies to account

30 September 2016 CORE Director, Marilyn Croser, speaks to the Ethical Consumer conference about the successes and challenges in holding companies accountable. Click here to share this blog post

Podcast: CORE in nine

Listen to CORE Director, Marilyn Croser, give a whistle-stop tour of CORE’s history and campaigns – all in nine minutes. Here you can find out how CORE and our partners are demanding an end to corporate impunity, and seeking accountability for businesses responsible for gross economic, environmental and human rights abuses across the world. Click here to...

CORE’s strategic review: key findings and Board response

In mid-2015, CORE carried out a strategic review to enable staff, board and coalition partners to understand the current state of play for the organisation and inform internal discussions of how CORE could and should develop over the next five years. The CORE Board has issued a formal response to the review which you can...

Review of UK’s Business and Human Rights Action Plan: written submissions

CORE’s written submission to the government’s review, focussing on key actions under Pillars I and III, calls for more action on access to remedy, human rights due diligence, and a robust regulatory response to UK company malpractice internationally. Other submissions, including from several CORE member organisations are available on the Business and Human Rights Resource...

Key materials on the working group meeting for a new international treaty on business and human rights

Following a vote in favour of a resolution tabled by Ecuador and South Africa in the UN Human Rights Council last June, work has now started towards developing a new international treaty on business and human rights. Below are links to key documents and online updates from Geneva. All official documentation is available at

A long road to remedy for corporate human rights abuses: POSCO in India and the OECD NCPs

‘This is a case not only of human rights risks and harms, but also, much more broadly, of contests over development agendas, and who gets to set them.’ A new case study, ‘POSCO’s Odisha Project: OECD National Contact complaints and a decade of resistance’ from the Non-Judicial Redress Mechanisms Project explores important questions about the role of non-judicial...